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Not all people plan for their senior years. Growing elderly and considering one’s eventual demise is not a subject that many people enjoy discussing or planning for.  In many situations, a parent, grandparent or spouse will die with property in their individual names without any named beneficiaries or surviving joint tenants.  In those situations, either a formal or informal administration of the estate may need to take place.  In other situations, a summary proceeding can take place, or even a simple Transfer by Affidavit.  I have practiced Probate Law for over 35 years and have the experience to advise you and your family as to which procedure may need to take place.  Sometimes, things do not need to become complicated, and I will always advise you of the easiest solutions that may be available.  At other times, the situation after one dies becomes very complicated and there is no way to simplify things.  If so, I have the experience to explain what needs to be done and to accomplish everything necessary for the heirs or beneficiaries. Remember, there is always a Free Consultation available.
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